Change Line Type in Flash

Did you know that you can change the Type of your Lines in Flash? I know: It might not be the most exciting feature of Flash—to change the Line Type—but it is still a useful one.

By default, if you press N on your keyboard to activate the Line Tool, you will be able to draw a straight, boring Line. This can easily be changed.

Below you can see all the available sorts of Lines Flash has to offer:


How this can be done

Of course, it's nothing complicated:

i. Draw a Line with your Line Tool (N).


ii. Select the Line and, in the Properties Window (Ctrl + F4), click on the drop-down menu that you can find between the Line's Height textfield and the Custom button.

iii. Now you can easily specify the Type of your Line.

These are the patterns available:

Your Line can now be composed of various dots and stripes—whatever you need!


While you will certainly not find yourself changing the Type of your Lines too often, I'm sure there will be at least one occasion when the knowledge you have just mastered will allow you to spare loads of time.

Thanks for reading.


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