Drawing an Isometric Object


Before we begin

To start drawing in isometry we first need to determine the angle of all lines that are to be parallel to one another. In a true perspective all those lines would not be parallel but would converge at one or more points on the horizon (so-called vanishing points).

two point perspective
one point perspective

When you're drawing something, it is up to you what angle you will use in isometry, however keep in mind that different values gives different impression. Strictly speaking, if you make a very wide angle, it seems like you were looking at an object from high above.

It is generally advised to keep it around 30 degrees for the best effect, like in the picture below:

If you're messing with coded/programmed isometry, you will want to stick to the 2:1 x to y ratio. One good reason for that is that it's much easier to write code with those figures. In this case, the angle is equal to around 26 degrees.

The actual drawing

The movie below shows how to build an isometric object and color it. If you'd like a detailed description, click here.

More isometric objects

Isometry is absolutely not limited to drawing cubes and blocks. We can create virtually any object if we know several basic methods. One of the shapes I'd like to show you how to draw on the next page is a circle, which later will be used to create a cylinder.

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