Multiple Document Selection

One of the tricks that I find quite useful in Flash is about multiple Document selection. It's one of the little things that make your Flasher's life easier.

The "trick" allows you to open many Flash Documents at once. I know, it's no big deal—If you're computer-savy, you almost certainly know about it, because this is how Windows works. But still, I have seen quite people open their files one by one. It's not the way to go! Read this tutorial to find out about the "smarter" way.

Let's go!

i. Launch Flash (as if it was not already opened :-)

ii. Press Ctrl + O ( or simple go to File>Open) and make sure you are in a folder that contains a few FLAs.

iii. With your Ctrl key down, select a couple of the Flash documents.

[ I selected some of the documents ]

As you can see, selections do not get cancelled—in fact, they add. That's how things work in Windows.

iv. Once you have selected the desired number of documents, just hit "open" and here you go—all of the selected Flash documents now should open.

The below movie demontrates the trick:


 When will I use it?

It sometimes happens that I'm looking for something that I have created a long time ago, because I want to use it now. I have hundreds of Flash Documents in my folders. Since I often name my Flash documents not quite as well as I could, it sometimes proves hard to find what I'm looking for.


Searching through the folder, I find several "candidates"—one of whose must be the one I'm looking for.

Now I could simply open them—one by one—and check them.

But, isn't that dumb?

The smarter way is, of course, to use the method I have described above.



Alright, this is it. As mentioned at the beginning, it's not a big dea—It's just one of those little details that make your work faster and more pleasant   :-)

Thanks for reading.


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